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Published –  30th November 2018 

Jasmine Frame is recuperating from surgery and bored. Her daily exercises and residual soreness are holding her back from the life of a private investigator. The lack of a functional car is another problem. Nevertheless, when DI Tom Shepherd requests her help with the arson and murder at Molly’s in the quiet town of Thirsbury, she is eager to get on the case.
With help from her partner, Viv, she gets mobile and is soon delving into the weird sexual practises of the owners of Molly’s, finding that some men will go to any lengths to fulfil their urges. Jasmine knows all about urges but finds that one of hers, the need to investigate, gets her into trouble that could threaten her new womanhood.

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Trained By Murder:

A Jasmine Frame Collection

trained by murder ver3

Four stories, four locations, four dilemmas for Jasmine as she begins her training as a policeman.

Prequel to Painted Ladies, Bodies By Design and The Brides’ Club Murder.  Sequel to Discovering Jasmine and Murder In Doubt.

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and the prequel novellas (e-book only)

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trained by murder ver3





E-book & paperback available NOW –

the 3rd Jasmine Frame novel

The Brides’ Club Murder

A country house hotel; a murder; ten suspects.  A weekend for Jasmine to identify the killer.

A classic murder mystery with a transgender slant.

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Another great story and Jasmine becoming more understandable and sympathetic all the time. I like the way you brought out all the characters and their location on the non-binary spectrum, and the fact that there were all the loves, hates, power struggles, resentments, wishing the boss dead, that you get in any group of people( club, workplace, etc). However bizarre, to some people, are their predilections and hobby, they are just like everybody else. I read late into two nights to finish it.



Murder in doubt coverMurder In Doubt – now available                                  the second novella length ebook is on Amazon Kindle for £0.99

James Frame is starting his university course and tentatively introducing Jasmine to his student friends. At an LGBT disco Jasmine meets Silla McBride, a transwoman and transgender activist. Jasmine also meets Angela Madison a “real girl” who is keen to get to know Jasmine, and James.  When Jasmine learns that Silla has died, she is convinced that she has been murdered. Jasmine and Angela set out to track the killer and find out why Silla died. Their questions bring surprising answers and Jasmine has to re-examine her own gender identity.

cover design by Scott Wood.                  Published by cropped-ellifont-logo-grey-small.jpg


More Jasmine Frame stories for sale

Layout 1Bodies By Design – the 2nd Jasmine Frame novel

E-book version also available on Amazon Kindle price £1.99

Place your order for the paperback edition, stating the delivery address, by sending an email to paintedladiesnovel@btinternet.com

price (inc post and packing in the UK) £9.99.  Payment by Paypal, internet banking or cheque.

Special Offer:  Order Painted Ladies and Bodies By Design together for £17.00

All emailed orders will receive a free pdf version of Discovering Jasmine or Murder in Doubt (please state your preference in your order)

Jasmine Frame is back …

Three months after the events of Painted Ladies, Jasmine responds to a call for help and finds herself involved in a murder case by the special request of DCI Sloane. But who or what was the victim? What was the motive? Jasmine’s investigation leads into the murkier regions of the transgender scene. Meanwhile her own transition is progressing and she is about to take an irreversible step to lose her masculinity. What are the parallels between her situation and that of the murder victim?  Did both hope to achieve bodies by design?

cover design by Scott Wood.                        Published byEllifont logo grey small

Review: “I read ‘Bodies By Design’ in one-sitting and absolutely loved it – couldn’t put it down.”  Rhiannon.

A new review of Bodies By Design has been published on  the Eurocrime review website.

Read it at : http://eurocrime.blogspot.co.uk/2016/03/review-bodies-by-design-by-p-r-ellis.html

discovering jasmine final coverDiscovering Jasmine  – A Jasmine Frame story

Novella length first prequel to Painted Ladies.

Now available on Amazon Kindle price £0.99

James Frame is a seventeen year old schoolboy with a muddled gender identity. Venturing out as Jasmine she finds herself drawn to protect another trans woman and involved in a police investigation.

cover design by Scott Wood. Published by Ellifont logo grey small

Painted Ladies front cover jpegPainted Ladies – A Jasmine Frame Story

Introducing Jasmine Frame, detective, in her first full length novel.

Available as a paperback and ebook from all booksellers.including Amazon

Jasmine Frame is a transitioning transsexual struggling to earn a living as a private investigator.  She had a difficult relationship with her former boss DCI Sloane but when he asks her to help in an investigation she can’t resist. She is on the trail of a killer but finds her own gender identity as well as her life under threat.

Order the paperback edition for £8.99 including post and packing from paintedladiesnovel@btinternet.com and receive a free pdf version of Discovering Jasmine. (payment by Paypal, cheque or electronic bank transfer)

cover design by James Matthews. Published by Matador

Praise for Painted Ladies

“Jasmine Frame is a complex and sympathetic character.”  NetGalley.com

“P.R.Ellis has done a good job of creating a story with a good mystery element that also allows the reader to be educated” Lizlovesbooks.com

“(Painted Ladies) is a really well written thriller,” Goodreads

“I found it (Painted Ladies) a page-turner and really enjoyed reading it. . . I am looking forward to reading the next.” Sue White, Eurocrime


3 thoughts on “Jasmine Frame Publications

  1. Pingback: Jasmine digs deep | ellifont

  2. As a transitioning male to female myself, I can identify with some of the concerns Jasmine experiences as she pursues her chosen path. So far, I have read two full novels and two novellas and I was very interested how P.Ellis presented her main characters to the reader.
    Fantastic. Thank you.

    • Thanks for your comment. As you’ve read my blog you’ll know that the third novel is on its way. It explores some other aspects of trans life as well as a murder. I’m hoping to publish more of the novellas too. Jasmine is fiction but based on my experiences and knowledge of transwomen. Best wishes in your transition and please keep in touch. P.

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