About Jasmine and Me

Listen to me and Lou revealing our secret on the BBC Worldservice  here   and see the photos on the BBC website here.


Jasmine Frame is the lead character in my series of crime novels. You can read the previous episodes of  my latest novella Viewpoint on the blog page. This is a prequel to Painted Ladies (see below).  There are episodes of other prequels on the blog. Jasmine is a special sort of detective – she’s trans. To find out what that means, read on or read the blog episodes.

What about me?

I’m a writer.  Sounds a bit like saying I’m an alcoholic or something doesn’t it.  Actually I think I can identify myself as a writer.  I was a teacher – a chemistry teacher (that was a conversation stopper at parties).  I retired from that and supplemented my pension by writing resource materials (textbooks, worksheets, teachers’ guides, on-line stuff). Fiction however is my greatest pleasure and since mid-2014 I have been devoting my time to it.

I’ve always written short stories, most often SF but increasingly other stuff.  For many years I would start a novel in the summer hols, get so far and then stop when the Autumn term came along.  In recent years though I have been a bit more determined.

I completed my first novel in 2009.   Painted Ladies introduces (in a novel anyway)  Jasmine Frame, a transsexual private investigator who was formerly a police officer.Painted Ladies cover

Painted Ladies – a Jasmine Frame story has been published and is available as a paperback and e-book from all booksellers. Two sequels, Bodies by Design and The Brides’ Club Murder are also now available in paperback and ebook form.  Two novella-length prequels, Discovering Jasmine and Murder In Doubt are also on sale as e-books. There will be more sequels to follow as well as the serialised prequels that are published on this blog.

Anyone who reads these stories will realise that I am transgendered too. In fact publicity for the launch of Painted Ladies announced my status to the world – that’s OK as I am comfortable in my dual role life and now refer to myself as gender-fluid.  I give a presentation called Murder – with frocks which includes readings from the Jasmine Frame stories and provides an insight into Jasmine’s character and motivation and my experiences. I’m willing to travel to most places in the UK to give the talk and promote the Jasmine Frame seriesContact me on paintedladiesnovel@btinternet.com


I have completed three volumes of a fantasy adventure, titled Evil above the Stars. which are published by Elsewhen Press – You can find more details here. The series is the story of September Weekes who finds herself in a strange world where good battles against evil (pretty literally). A fourth novel featuring September called Cold Fire will  also be published by Elsewhen in October 2017

So I’ve got plenty on the go.  Now and again I get round to writing some other stuff for the writers’ groups I belong to.  It is great to get feedback from other people and also hear what they have written.

In the meantime I hope you like the stories I’ve posted here.


7 thoughts on “About Jasmine and Me

  1. Were Jasmine’s undercover names in Painted Ladies chosen as a reference to transvestite US director Ed Wood’s film Glen or Glenda?

    • No. If I had heard of the film I had forgotten about it. Glen occurred to me first and Glenda followed naturally. Perhaps it was one of those subliminal memory things. Hope you enjoyed the book.

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  3. Penny came along to our writing group yesterday (14th January). She informed and entertained us with excerpts from her stories and her life. An interesting session. I am part way through Painted Ladies and enjoying it (mostly – didn’t like the idea of testes being cut out!).

    • Many thanks for your comments, Mark. Just in case it puts people off reading Painted Ladies, I should add that the gory bits are pretty brief and not highly detailed.

  4. Just got a copy of Painted Ladies via Kindle! I’ve been looking for trans-inclusive detective novels like yours & V.T. Davy’s “Black Art”. Working on my own books, one of which prominently features a transman as a detective on a lead case or two that also intertwines with his life, as some cases do. 😉 Our voices need to be heard. Thank you. -Eli

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