Jasmine – a new cover

There is no new Jasmine Frame story this week.  I’ve been busy on other matters and anyway, I think a break between stories is probably a good idea.  One thing I’ve been doing is getting all the extra bits ready for the publication of  The Brides’ Club Murder, Jasmine’s third novel. One of these bits is the back cover blurb, which is also what you’ll see when you look up the ebook on a certain website. I find blurbs difficult.  They have to be gripping and exciting enough to attract a reader (and buyer) but not give too much of the plot away. I admit that when I’m choosing a book the blurb is one of the first things I look at and my decision will have a lot to do with what impression the blurb had. On the other hand I’m not sure what it is in a blurb that makes me buy the book. The result is I’m never sure if I’ve got my own blurbs right.

I had to write two blurbs. One for the back cover of The Brides’ and another for the next book in the series, the 4th which I’ve called Molly’s Boudoir. The problem is of course that I haven’t written that novel yet, but I want readers of the 3rd to know that there will be a 4th. It’s a bit like the James Bond films  which end with “James Bond will return” except that I’m trying to give a hint about the plot. I have a plot outline and I know it will take place just after Jasmine’s, at last, had her gender reassignment surgery, but that is it. J K Rowling has said that she had all of the seven Potter books in her head right from the first. I wonder. Were they carefully plotted stories or a vague outline of the story arc over the seven years of Harry’s life that the novels cover?

Nevertheless, The Brides’ will be out soon and some time in the next year or two I’ll get down to Molly’s Boudoir.  So here as a taster is a preview of the cover and blurb for The Brides’ Club Murder.

Layout 1

A country house hotel

A death

Ten suspects

Jasmine Frame has a weekend to identify the killer before the attendees of the Butterfly Ball disperse. She must pretend to enjoy the strange activities of the Wedding Belles, but, with her gender reassignment still some way off she is uncomfortable confined with a party of transvestites. Nevertheless, she relishes a mystery. What drove a member of the group to kill and are they prepared to kill again?


You may have noticed that there isn’t a rant, either, this week. There’s plenty to rant about but I think I’m suffering from rant exhaustion. I’m on tenterhooks (what a lovely word – look it up) as to what the future holds but I am tired of people repeating the same observations and arguments about Brexit, Trump, et al. Those of us who oppose those lurches towards a right wing dystopia really have to find new means of achieving a majority and I don’t think more dodgy dossiers help.  I’ve heard it a few times this week – we’ve got to stop talking only to those who think the same as us – but it’s scary getting out there.




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