Jasmine consequences

You go away for a week and the government changes – completely. It wasn’t surprising I suppose, after the turmoil since June 23rd, but things did move pretty rapidly in the last week, didn’t they. Cameron got turfed out of No.10 sooner than he expected and we have our second female PM – pretty right-wing but the best of a bad lot I think. As for the cabinet changes. . . Well, I’m delighted that Gove has got his comeuppance – good riddance, hopefully for ever. I’m also pleased that Nicky Morgan, the frightened rabbit in the headlights, has gone from education. I think May has been quite canny in putting brexiteers in positions where they have to live with their comments and promises; Johnson to face the foreign secretaries of the countries of the world; Davies to realise the off-the-cuff predictions of future benefits of brexit that the Leave campaign made; and, Leadsom to answer the farmers questions about their subsidies. At least now the Conservative Party has got over its leadership convulsions and can get on with the rather important business of governing and getting us out of this mess that they created.  When, or even if, Labour will form a credible opposition is anyone’s guess.

Being in Germany was very pleasant as usual, and although we didn’t speak to many Germans or other Europeans, the impression we got is that they cannot understand the referendum result or believe that Britain will actually, irrevocably, leave the EU. I said they do not know most of the 52% who voted Leave.

1605 HTLGI 1 (1)But let’s get away from the world of politics and into the fictional world of Jasmine Frame. As I said last week I am not writing  another novella prequel for a while but what I have done is re-edit the third Jasmine Frame novel. This has the provisional title, The Brides’ Club Murder. It follows a couple of months after the events of Bodies By Design which itself comes about 3 to 4 months after Painted Ladies. That means it is November 2012, Jasmine is 29 years old, single, having divorced Angela, but in a deepening relationship with Viv. She’s working as a private investigator and now, having developed a reputation, getting more business; largely boring surveillance operations for the Benefits Agency and suspicious wives and husbands. She’s bored and would grab a meaty murder with both hands. As it is two months since the “minor” op that relieved her of her testicles, she is feeling more feminine but still longing to complete the surgery that would make her physically a woman; but that still appears to be a long way off. While having electrolysis on her facial hair she receives an offer that both attracts and appals her – to go undercover to solve a murder at a convention at a local country house hotel.

TBCM is a traditional country house murder mystery (sort of); a whodunit, rather than a thriller. I think it works and now I’ve edited it for the second or third time I think it’s ready to go. But what do I do with it? Do I send it out to publishers and agents, like I did with PL and BBD or do I go straight to self-publishing under the ellifont impression as I ended up doing with BBD? The latter course makes sure the book gets published but it costs me hard-earned cash (i.e. the pension). Experience suggests that it will be a century before I make my money back at the present rate of sales i.e. realistically never, unless I can move my marketing to a new level and make Jasmine more visible. Dilemmas!  Comments welcome.


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