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My apologies for a late posting this week. I have been away visiting family so there was little opportunity for writing, other than a little work on the next Jasmine Frame novel (the third). I do intend starting another prequel novella possibly in the next week.

Visiting family did provide time to observe and think about important matters such as life and writing. In particular, I observed the wonder of new life in the form of our one month old grandson. Totally dependent on his parents (and occasionally grandparents, well Gran, anyway) for food, comfort and protection he is nevertheless starting to react to his environment. His eyes focus on things around him (when he’s awake) and certain things bring a small smile to his face.  This contrasts with his brother who in the space of three years has developed a personality and powerful individuality, a growing competence in two languages (he now corrects Gran’s German pronunciation and can translate words as diverse as parrot and please) and confidence in his physical abilities (e.g. on a rope climbing frame or riding his hobby-horse bike). He loves books and will have reading after reading of the same or different stories. He can now recite to his baby brother, books such as “Superworm” off by heart while turning the pages. In a few short years both will be individual people with their own aptitudes and skills and responsibilities. Every person on the planet goes through the same process of growth and development. It is a pity that we don’t remember our common origins as we fight with each other instead of cooperating.

Developing characters is a little like observing children grow. I have lived with Jasmine Frame in my head for nearly fifteen years now. She is almost as real to me as a close friend. My difficulty, which is that of all writers, is getting that knowledge of the character described on the page so that Jasmine comes as alive to readers as she is to me. On top of that I have to get the characters she interacts with as real as her. The same is true of September Weekes the “star” of my Evil Above the Stars series. I’ve been writing about her for over four years now and she too is a living person in my head.  Developing and describing believable characters is the challenge of writing. I enjoy it and I hope I am improving at it.

In the coming fortnight I will be appearing at events in the Mad March in Malvern promotion hoping to increase interest in both my book series. It should be fun. (See on Facebook)

Painted Ladies: A Jasmine Frame Story is available as e-book and paperback from all booksellers including Amazon

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