Discovering Jasmine

What a week! It’s been one of those weeks when I’ve barely had a moment to sit down and write but I have found the time to start a new Jasmine Frame prequel to Painted Ladies. I think it will be a short story with just a few episodes unlike the novella length prequels such as Close-up. It goes back to an earlier time in Jasmine’s existence. I hope you like it.

Discovering Jasmine – part 1

‘That was a brave thing you did, lad,’ the burly police office said, looking into his driver’s mirror. ‘Especially being in fancy dress,’ he added.
Jasmine couldn’t escape the eyes peering from the mirror at her in the back seat of the Rover. She felt them taking in her ripped dress and torn bra revealing her flat chest, her grazed knuckles and mascara-smeared cheeks.
‘It’s not fancy dress. I’m a transvestite.’
It was just a few hours ago that she had spoken that word aloud for the first time to describe herself.

The sound of the front door opening made Jasmine’s heart race. She jumped from the sofa and took a step towards the living room door. Then she stopped. She had no chance of getting out before she was seen. There was no chance at all because the door opened and Holly entered.
‘James? What are you…? That’s my skirt!’
Holly had stopped in the doorway and her face showed a mixture of puzzlement and anger.
Jasmine too had frozen, an embarrassed flush warming her neck, cheeks and forehead while her stomach made tumbles a gymnast would be proud of. She had dreaded this happening – being discovered wearing her girls’ clothes; caught being the pretty, feminine Jasmine instead of steady James. With the parents away and older sister Holly supposedly on her vacation job, she had thought she had most of a day to be who she wanted be.
Jasmine swallowed and found her voice.’ You’re supposed to be at work, Holly.’
‘Yes, well have you looked at the weather. There’s not much call for deckchairs by the seaside when it’s raining. Bob let me go early.’
‘Oh.’ Jasmine hadn’t thought to consider the rain pattering against the windows.
‘The big question is what do you think you are doing?’ Holly stepped towards Jasmine examining her closely from the high-heeled, open-toed sandals to her dangling clip-on ear-rings. They could have been twins. Both had their mother’s thick mop of blonde hair and pale complexions and their father’s nose and eyes and although Holly was four years older they were both a slim five feet seven inches. Jasmine though, was still growing.
Jasmine took a deep breath. How many times had she thought through what she would say in this situation? The thing was she had never truly believed that it would come to this. Somehow she had thought she would always evade detection despite taking every opportunity to become Jasmine.
‘Um. This is the real me, Holly.’
‘What do you mean, James?’
Jasmine backed away from Holly and sat down on the sofa, tugging her, or rather Holly’s, short skirt down her bare thighs.
‘I feel I should be a girl, Holly. I’m happy when I’m like this; when I’m Jasmine.’
Holly laughed. Not the giggle which infected her when she found something funny but a coarse, nervous guffaw. ‘Jasmine? That’s what you call yourself.’
‘Why Jasmine?’
‘No. Why do you want to be a girl?’
Jasmine snorted. ‘If I knew that I wouldn’t be so mixed up about it. I just do. It feels natural to be a girl. When I’m James I feel I’m playing a role in a play.’
Holly sat beside Jasmine. The laughter had gone but she was still puzzled.
‘How long have you felt like this James, uh, Jasmine?’
‘As long as I can remember but I’ve thought about it more and more in the last few years.’
‘And dressing up. How long have you been doing that?’
‘Ever since I was a kid. Don’t you remember putting me in your old princess dresses when you played with me?’
Holly’s hand clapped over her mouth. ‘Oh, God. Yes. I used you like a big doll with my Barbies.’
‘I carried on wearing those dresses until Mum got rid of them.’ Jasmine decided that a full confession might as well come out. ‘Then I borrowed your clothes when you weren’t around. I’ve got a few bits of my own now.’
‘You’re still nicking my clothes,’ she nodded to the skirt.
‘Yeah, you haven’t been wearing it and I thought it looked really good on you.’
‘Thanks. I suppose it’s a compliment when your brother steals the clothes he thinks you look good in.’ Holly leaned closer, peering at Jasmine’s face. ‘And whose make-up are you wearing.’
‘Mine. I bought my own eye-shadow and lipstick. I didn’t like Mum’s colours.’
‘You used to borrow Mum’s make-up!’ Holly laughed. It was more of a giggle this time.
‘I needed something.’
Holly’s gaze wandered down to Jasmine’s chest. ‘You’ve got boobies’
‘But you must be wearing a bra.’
‘One Mum threw out. It’s practically falling apart.’
‘What about knickers? How are you hiding you boy’s bits.’ Holly grabbed the hem of Jasmine’s skirt and started to lift it. Jasmine brushed her hand away.
‘They’re out of the way, thank you.’
‘But how do you stop it poking out.’
Jasmine flushed at the thought of having an erection. ‘Never you mind.’
‘Oh, come on, little bro. You’re getting off on wearing my clothes. I want to know how you hide your hard-on.’
‘It’s not like that.’
‘What? You’re a trannie but you don’t get erections?’
Jasmine was confused. She knew girls talked about sex in giggling huddles but she hadn’t expected to have such a conversation with her sister. She never talked about sex, not personally anyway, other than the usual embarrassed conversation about the mechanics of it with Mum when she was younger. But now she had to respond to Holly’s accusations.
‘I don’t dress up to have a wank, if that’s what you think,’ Jasmine declared to Holly’s face. ‘I told you. I feel more normal when I’m dressed as a girl.’
‘Normal!’ Holly snorted, ‘How can a boy wanting to dress like a girl be normal.’
Jasmine subsided, head bowed looking only at her skirt-clad thighs. ‘I don’t know but it’s how I feel.’
Holly put an arm around her shoulder. ‘I’m sorry, James. I shouldn’t laugh but you’ve always been my smart, athletic little bro. How could I know you had this hidden inside you. Gosh, it’s my fault isn’t it?’
Jasmine looked up at her horrified face. ‘What is?’
‘Making you wear those dresses when you were little – I turned you into a trannie.’
‘No, Hol. I loved those old dresses. If I hadn’t wanted to play at princesses when I was four I wouldn’t have. It’s something in me, part of me. I need to spend some of my time as Jasmine. It’s relaxing.’
Holly leaned back and took another good look at her.
‘You do look good. If I hadn’t known it was you, I’d never think you were really a boy.’
‘You’ve been practising a lot.’
‘Yeah. Well, with you away at uni most of the time, and Mum and Dad always out doing something or other, I’ve had plenty of opportunities for getting dressed and hanging around or going out.’
‘Going out?’
‘Yeah. How do you think I’ve managed to get my own make-up and clothes?’
‘You go out shopping dressed like that?’ Holly wrinkled her nose.
‘And it’s OK?’
‘I was nervous at first, thinking that everyone was looking at me but I’ve realised that people don’t – look closely that is.’
‘What about in shops?’
‘I don’t think the assistants notice or if they do they don’t make anything of it.’
‘Well, it’s the twenty first century now,’ Holly sighed, ‘What’s wrong with a little gender-bending.’
‘You’re taking this very calmly,’ Jasmine said, ‘I expected you to be angry that I borrowed your stuff. Aren’t you disgusted that I’m a tra…transvestite?’ Jasmine grimaced as she said the word unsure whether named what she felt about herself. They looked into each other’s eyes for moments before Holly replied.
‘I was shocked I suppose, but well it’s not so odd these days is it. You can read all sorts of things on Yahoo. And I always wanted a sister; I didn’t realise my little bro could fill the part.’ Holly leapt to her feet. ‘Why don’t we have a girlie evening out?’
‘Evening out?’ The thought shocked and excited Jasmine.
‘Haven’t you been out in the evening?’
‘No. Where would I go?’
‘What!’ Jasmine saw a dark room filled with sweaty bodies hopping up and down, skin against skin.
‘Why not? You say you like going out. You already look like a girl and with a bit of attention I could make you look really sexy and old enough to get in. And I haven’t had a night out since I came home.’
‘You’re really prepared to go out with me dressed like this and pretend we’re two girls.’
‘Well, not with you dressed like that. We’ll get you tarted up properly. But yes, if you want to be a girl some of the time then you need to learn what it’s all about.’
‘What about Mum and Dad?’
‘What about them?’
‘Are you going to tell them about me?’
‘Why should I? It’s your business. You can tell them when you’re ready to. Anyway they’re away till the weekend. Are you on?’
Jasmine thought for a microsecond. Holly was offering her one of her favourite fantasies – an evening out as a girl.
Holly grabbed her hand and dragged her to her feet. ‘Come on then Cinderella. I’m your Fairy Godmother and I’m going to transform you into a princess – again.’

Painted Ladies: A Jasmine Frame Story is available as an e-book and paperback from all booksellers including Amazon.

Painted Ladies cover


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