Seize the moment

There’s a lot to do at the moment. I am trying to get on with the second Jasmine Frame novel, Bodies by Design, and making quite good progress, but the main thing that has been occupying me has been the marketing of Painted Ladies.  The official publication date is next Sunday, 1st Sept.  Go to

for details about purchasing the paperback or e-book (it’s available from all booksellers). I am very pleased with the response I’m getting – the reviews online have been good, and I send a big thank you to the Castle Bookshop in Ludlow which is stocking it.  There is a lot to do though to put it in front of people and stimulate purchases.

Perhaps, however, this is a good time to be bringing up the subject of transgenderism thanks to the publicity about Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning. I understand that she was about to start transitioning when she got into a “little spot of bother” thanks to releasing lots of things the USA government thought should be secret. Now she’s been given a 35 year sentence she wants to start the process.  Unfortunately the penal system in the USA is not as understanding as in the UK so she may be denied her right to change gender.

Painted Ladies is a crime thriller and nothing to do with buying or selling secrets and Jasmine Frame is the law not a victim of it. Nothing is stopping Jasmine from achieving her dream except a lack of the necessary cash and the slow moving NHS.  Nevertheless the fact that a transitioning transsexual is in the news may help give Jasmine and Painted Ladies some added impetus. Many transsexuals have obstacles placed in their path but few have the whole weight of the USA government bearing down on them. Mind you, for anyone trapped in an existence they despise it can seem as if the whole world is against you.

Jasmine has rarely been as low as that thanks to a a supportive (former) wife and an understanding GP. Her difficult decisions were, coming out as transsexual to her wife (Angela) and her family and friends, then deciding to transition and finally to leave the police force. The consequences of all these turning points in her life affect the person she is portrayed as in Painted Ladies and the sequels. Simply saying she is a transsexual or transgendered detective covers a great deal of heart-searching, worry and courageousness.


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