Jasmine Frame – the book

There was great joy in our household this week when we received copies of Painted Ladies – the paperback.  While the official publication date is 1st September, the book is now available from all good booksellers or direct from the publisher:


Of course the e-book has been available for a couple of weeks and I am delighted by the reviews it has received so far on Amazon, Netgalley, Goodreads and Liz Loves Books.

But back to the paperback.  I am really pleased with how it has turned out. The cover looks fantastic (thanks James) and the content the same.  Troubador have done a really professional job. I do dread reading through and finding mistakes and typos but they are my fault. I enjoy reading novels on my Kindle but I still love the look and feel of a real, well-produced book.  I hope there are plenty of people out there who think the same and that Painted Ladies sells like the proverbial and cliched hot cakes.

So now we’re getting set for the “big sell”.  I have been told so many times that a presence on the net is needed to sell books – I hope this is a start.  There are also press releases going to lots of destinations and I am contacting independent bookshops and relevant magazines and newspapers. I would be delighted to be asked to do signings, reading or talks anywhere; I could talk for hours about Jasmine. Which brings me back to the theme of Painted Ladies.

The experts say that you should write about what you know.  Painted Ladies is a murder story, set in West Berkshire with a transsexual detective as the lead character.  Well, I’ve got no personal experience of murder and don’t think I know any killers. I was living in W.Berks when I started writing Painted Ladies and know the Kennet and Avon Canal, where the book opens, pretty well.  Which leaves transgenderism. Lots of authors do huge amounts of research into the background of a plot or a character and absorb the information into themselves. Others rely on personal experience. As many readers will suspect, for Painted Ladies I have gone for the latter. I do have a personal attachment to Jasmine Frame and experience of transgenderism.  There’s going to be some publicity about Painted Ladies in the next few months (I hope) so people who know me may get a surprise when they see the pictures. Exciting times lie ahead, for Jasmine, too, as I progress with the sequel, Bodies by Design.



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